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Upcoming Events

Grappling Industries Tournament

25 March in Grand Rapids, MI

We have 4 competitors signed up for this tournament:
Mark Shemwell - Blue Belt
Ben Jordan - White Belt
Christian Hollister - White Belt
Micki Slack - White Belt

For more information:

Rigen Machado Seminar
(8th Degree Red & White Belt under Carlos Gracie,) will be teaching a ( GI & NO GI) Seminar.

-May 20th 7p -8:30p (NO GI Adult) $60
-May 21st 10a -11a (GI Kids) $40
-(Noon) 12p-2pm (Adult GI) $100


- Black Belt
- Brown Belts
- Purple Belts
- Blue Belts

Event Hosted by: Professor Leo Aponte, Professor Mike Lauer and Professor Tyrone Gooden
Location: Patriot Combat Sports
Address: 1101 W. Franklin St.
Jackson MI 49203
Contact: Leo Aponte (517) 867-0363, for more information.

Invited Blackbelts Presented Under Professor Tyrone Gooden:
- Jamil Taylor - Rahsaan Bass - Dorrian Robinson - Michael Alexander - Mike Ross - Matthew Linsemier - Brian Ruff - Chris Simpson - Gerald Hill - Charlie Markowitz - Leo Aponte - Micheal Lauer.

Additional Blackbelts Attending
1. Sharon Schleif under (Rivan Machado)
2. Eric Smith under (Rigan Machado
3. Daniel Smith under (Rigan Machado)
4. Pat Hernandaz under (Bob Bass)
5. Craig Funk (Eric Paulson)
Black Belts may attend for FREE with the registration of three of your members.

Women's Self-Defense Seminar Series


​Prof. Schleif:
     27 Jan, 28 Apr, 28 Jul, 27 Oct

Prof. Barrick
    24 Feb, 26 May, 25 Aug, 17 Nov

Prof. Smith
    31 Mar, 30 Jun, 29 Sep, 15 Dec


1 Session: $60

Full Series: $660

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