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Shemwell's Academy of Martial Arts recognizes that there may be people in our community who would like to participate and would greatly benefit from some of our programs, but their financial circumstances may prevent them from taking part. While we try to accommodate individual circumstances, there is a limit to the amount of accommodation we can do. Simply put, we have to be able to fund our operations and pay our staff or this gym won't be able to continue operating.

To this end, Shemwell's Academy invites our friends, family, local businesses, and anyone else who might be willing and able to sponsor (in part or in whole) people so they can participate in our seminars or other specialty programs.

Women's and Young Ladies Self-Defense Seminars: Domestic violence is a significant issue in our community. Shemwell's Academy is hosting guest instructors to help arm the women and young ladies in our community so that they know how to prevent domestic abuse.

General sponsorship: If you would like to sponsor a person, but would like to allow Shemwell's Academy to determine the best use of this sponsorship, a general sponsorship is what you'll want to do! 

To provide funds for sponsorship, please go to our Shop here: SPONSORSHIP


We'd like to extend our thanks to the following people and organizations for their generosity.

  • Adair Remodeling
  • Eric Austin
  • Eric O'Dell
  • Nate and Kira Brakel
  • Aaron and Karen Hawkins
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