Meet Our Team

Who We Are

Mark and Paul got their start in martial arts in the 1990s, and have more than 40 years of time in the martial arts between the two of them. Under the tutelage of Rafael Lovato, Sr, Mark and Paul both earned the rank of Phase II students in the IMB (International Martial Arts and Boxing) Academy at Martial Arts International in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Both Mark and Paul enlisted into the military service after graduating high school.  During their service, both Mark and Paul continued their Martial Arts journey and gaining experience coaching and teaching.  Mark earned his blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Phil Cardella, and is continuing his journey with Bryan Barrick at Barrick's Brazilian Jiujitsu in Goshen, Indiana.

Mark has extensive experience coaching in MMA and Muay Thai, and has coached in several locations over his military career and has coached for all ages and experience levels.  Paul was an assistant boxing coach in Yuba City, California.

Maggie, though she is just beginning her martial arts journey, is an integral part of the team.  She has taken point on administration and marketing for the academy, and will take a more active role in the operations of the academy as she moves forward on her journey. 

Mark and Maggie are married and have two children (Oliver and Darya), and Mark has his daughter Elise.  Paul and his wife Robin will be joining us with two of their three children (their oldest is currently enlisted in the Air Force) after Paul retires from the Air Force near the end of August. 


Mark Shemwell

Lead Instructor - BJJ and Muay Thai

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Paul Shemwell

Lead Instructor - Boxing

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Maggie Barnard-Shemwell